Guaranteed to keep your guests partying all the way through the night, our evening food is not only delicious but cooked in front of your guests, creating a real sense of theatre. All of our food is served on disposable plates.

Additional Services

China plates and cutlery – £1.20 per person per course
Glass hire – £0.60 per glass
Serving staff charge – £40.00 per 20 guests


50cl Water £1.50
750ml bottle of still/sparkling water £3.00
750ml Carton fruit juice £3.50
750ml Bottle of Apple press £6.00
750ml Bottle of Elderflower press £6.00
750ml Bottle of sparkling clementine £6.00
750ml Bottle of cloudy lemonade £6.00
Jugs of squash £5.50
750ml Dandelion and burdock £6.00
750ml Chardonnay (alcohol free) £7.00/Rose (alcohol free) £7.00
Tea and coffee £3.00 per person
Tea and coffee with biscuits £4.00 per person